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  1. Wendy J Moritz @MoritzWendy

    @jilstam @educationweek @a_rebora Everyone is always asking for more time. We prioritized our meetings and provided a structure! #eweekchat

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  2. Chris Preimesberger @editingwhiz

    We just talked about this on our last #eWEEKchat: Unnervingly life-like androids coming to a future very near you

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  3. Grayson Cooper @graysoncooper

    @LSmusicDA @EdWeekTeacher Devils advocate: S work is after. How do you try something new w/o pd? #eweekchat

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  4. ChatSalad @ChatSalad

    The #eWeekChat chat starts in 5 minutes. #ChatSalad

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